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About Us

David and Arielle Barratt welcome you to Haven Hall. Haven Hall is privately owned and family run. It is first and foremost our home, so you will usually get a chance to meet us. Although we have lived here for only a few years, the Island has won our hearts. We think you will agree that it has a very special charm and beauty.

David originally came from Newcastle, but spent most of his life in California and Hawaii doing property development. In the USA, he was licensed as a Lay Minister in the Episcopal Church, and director of the Spiritual Directors Formation Programme. Later he also became a Trustee of the Quiet Garden Movement in the UK. He is keenly interested in practical psychology, philosophy and NLP. His passion has always been to create places of beauty, peace and tranquility.

Arielle originally came from the USA. After winning a Study Abroad Scholarship to study Fine Art at UCL Slade School, she settled in the UK. Her first career in art provided the basis for her creative design of Haven Hall house & gardens. She also studied medicine for 6 years and became an Osteopath & Naturopath in 1986. Her work as a healer then expanded into studying the mind/body connection and she became a fully accredited Trainer of NLP. Her 2 published books detail her NLP approach to healing. She continues to do insightful Life Coaching work and specialized trainings.
What’s most fun about sharing Haven Hall is meeting so many interesting people from all walks of life and from all over the world!


“Thank you for having the whole Firth clan again!”

Livia and Colin Firth

‘”Had an incredible time! Fantastic place, great people. See you next year.”

Abbey & Peter Crouch

‘”Its almost certainly not haunted. Probably no ghosts. But what is that sound….probably a ghost….I’ve got to get out of here….”

Jimmy Carr

“Enjoyed my stay with you guys. What a magnificent house you have here on the Isle of Wight!”

John Hartson

“What a great place! Thanks for an amazing stay.”

Sergio Pizzorna (Kasabian), photographed with our Haven Hall chef and Peter Crouch

Alan Titchmarsh awarding Haven Hall the best hotel garden on the Isle of Wight in 2017